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60x15 4-Phase 720psi

48x15 4-Phase 2000psi

48x15 4-Phase 1440psi

42x15 4-Phase 1440psi

36x10 3-Phase 1440psi

15,000psi Cyclonic

10,000psi Cyclonic

5000psi Cyclonic

1440psi Cyclonic

Gate Valve Manifold Dual Choke 2 1/16 up to 4 1/16” 5M-15M

Plug Valve Manifolds 2X2, 3X3 5-Valve & 9-Valve Dual Chokes 5M-15M

2” 1502 Hammer Iron

3” 1502 Hammer Iron

Surface Rentals

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Laredo District